Employers need to review protection of confidential information as new European laws are approved to harmonise the protection of trade secrets

Employers need to be aware that the Trade Secrets Directive (TSD) was approved yesterday by the European Council, marking the end of its legislative journey in Europe. We can now expect to see its swift publication in the Official Journal, with entry into force 20 days later, with the impact that implementing legislation is likely …

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Trade Union Act 2016

  Yesterday the most significant piece of trade union legislation in decades, the Trade Union Act 2016, gained Royal Assent. The Government has had to make a number of concessions in order to get the controversial legislation passed before the end of the parliamentary session. The main changes which will come into effect when the …

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New European data protection rules will have significant impact on employers

Today’s adoption of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) heralds a new dawn in data protection, with far-reaching consequences for employers. For many, there will need to be a wholesale change in culture with a brand new approach to processing personal employee data. It is likely that existing practices will fall far wide …

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Quiz: How equal is your organisation’s pay?

There has never been a better time for employers to audit internal processes on pay. The Government’s consultation on mandatory gender pay gap reporting closed on 11 March, and although the consultation process has highlighted a number of problems with the draft regulations, the reference period for reporting is unlikely to change.   Employers will …

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April changes to employment law

April 2016 will see a number of important developments in employment law take effect. Here is a round-up:   Date What’s new? Relevant legislation 1 April The new National Living Wage (NLW) will apply to workers aged 25 and over at a rate of £7.20 an hour. The NLW is, in effect, a new band …

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Budget 2016: Employment tax update

The Chancellor made a number of announcements yesterday in relation to employment-related taxes. The following are some of the more interesting matters. Employee shareholder status Employee shareholder status is a form of employment status that was introduced in 2013. In return for giving up certain statutory employment rights (in particular, the right to a statutory …

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The Scotland Bill’s proposed impact on Employment Tribunals: have your say

Summary At present, the UK Government retains powers in relation to employment law and the operation of Employment Tribunals in Scotland. This means that the same rules and procedures apply to tribunals throughout the UK. As recommended by the Smith Commission, proposals have now been put forward to devolve the management of employment tribunals in …

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Termination payments briefing series: payments for injury to feelings

This is the first in a series of briefings on termination payments, focusing on the tax treatment of payments made in respect of injury to feelings paid in connection with termination of employment. Moorthy v HMRC: where are we now? The correct tax treatment of payments made in respect of injury to feelings paid in …

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Brexit: what are the implications for employment law?

The possibility of a UK exit from the EU – colloquially known as a Brexit – is high on the political, business and media agenda. On 23 June the UK will hold an in/out referendum to determine whether we should remain a member of the European Union. Whatever the result, the vote is a historic …

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EAT holds that UK legislation does allow commission to be included in holiday pay calculations

In March 2015, we reported on the outcome of the employment tribunal’s decision in Lock v British Gas Trading Ltd, one of the cases at the forefront of the litigation on how holiday pay should be correctly calculated. A reference to the ECJ had determined that results-based commission should be included in the calculation of …

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